Lamar Odom Business Booming at Love Ranch

10/19/2015 3:17 PM PDT

Lamar Odom -- Business Booming at Love Ranch Brothel


Lamar Odom's near-death experience has intrigued so many people, the Love Ranch brothel now has a month-long waiting list.

Ranch owner Dennis Hof tells TMZ, since his staff placed the 911 call last Tuesday, business has tripled. The average number of customers pre-Lamar averaged around 20 Johns a day.

Hof says in the last week, the brothel has attracted an average of 75 men a day.  

Hof says the real cache is the room Lamar had booked. There's now a 1 month waiting list for the suite, and 16 want the room for at least one overnight stay. 

And get this ... if anyone pays more than $500 while they're at the Ranch, whenever possible Hof will show them the room.