Bam Margera Uncle Don Vito Wakes From Coma ... Still Critical

10/23/2015 8:12 AM PDT

Bam Margera's Uncle Vito Wakes From Coma, In Critical Condition


Don Vito, one of the stars on Bam Margera's "Viva La Bam," just woke up from a coma, but he's still in critical condition from kidney and liver failure ... TMZ has learned.

Bam's mom, April, tells us Vito collapsed Tuesday at his home in West Chester, Pennsylvania and was rushed to the hospital. He remained in a coma until Friday morning.

We're told 59-year-old Vito's liver and kidneys are giving in after years of hard partying. After he slipped into the coma, doctors told the family to prepare for the worst.

April says after Vito miraculously woke up he felt good enough to make phone calls -- but she adds he's not out of the woods, due to the organ failure.