Tupac All Eyez On Keith Richards ... At Harlem Gig

10/23/2015 2:23 PM PDT

Tupac Had All Eyez On Keith Richards During Harlem Gig (PHOTO)

This would make Tupac Shakur laugh his ass off from heaven (if he were actually dead) -- after Keith Richards ripped hip-hop, he literally had to perform in the shadow of 'Pac ... in Harlem!

The 71-year-old Rolling Stones legend played at the famed Apollo Theater Thursday night during a charity event for the Jazz Foundation of America. In a sweet, sweet coincidence ... one of the projected backdrops behind Keith showed a Tupac mural with the words, "Live by the gun, die by the gun."

Keith went off about hip-hop last month, saying most rappers are “tone-deaf," and only need “a drum beat and someone yelling over it and they’re happy.”

Richards played the Stones classic, "Gimme Shelter." With 'Pac watching ... he could use some.