Wale No Diss On Frank Ocean ... But He Definitely Got a 'Gay' Boost

10/27/2015 7:29 AM PDT

Wale Clarifies: I'm Not Dissing Frank Ocean, But His Career Got a 'Gay' Boost


Wale thinks his comments about Frank Ocean and the Grammys and the gay community ... were totally misunderstood -- so, he tried to clear it up with us, but might have made it worse. 

As Wale left the The Roxy Monday night, we asked him about his 'Breakfast Club' interview -- where he said it's an advantage to be gay in America today. As evidence, he claimed Ocean's last record got much more attention, especially at the Grammys, because everyone thought he was gay.

Wale wanted to clarify ... he absolutely thinks Frank has talent, but it sounds like he's saying no one would know about it if Frank were straight.

Hmm ... watch. Discuss.