Samantha Hoopes Doubles Down ... On Ass Exposure

10/28/2015 3:20 PM PDT

S.I. Swimsuit Model Samantha Hoopes Doubles Down on Ass Exposure (VIDEO)


Samantha Hoopes returned to the spot where she committed what some people call a crime, and others call a blessing from God -- and this time she was showing off way more skin!

The S.I. swimsuit model stirred an uproar inside Earth Bar in West Hollywood on Tuesday ... because she was wearing the tiniest of booty shorts. Well, she went back Wednesday, and lo and behold (seriously, behold) -- she arrived in lingerie.

Samantha told us, "On the way in some other girl's taking a picture of my ass. Another girl's like where's your pants?" However, you gotta see the guy in our video watching from his car -- he is NOT offended, at all!

Earlier, on TMZ Live, she dropped this pearl of ass-wisdom: "No one wants a finger in my butt."

Umm ... watch, she explains.