Katy Perry Crushes Taylor Swift in $$$ Dept.

11/5/2015 6:12 AM PST

Katy Perry Crushes Taylor Swift in Money Dept.

Katy Perry left Taylor Swift and every other female singer in the dust, earning $135 MILLION this year!

Forbes dropped the bombshell, reporting Katy raked in more than $2 mil per city during her Prismatic World Tour. With 126 shows, it adds up fast.

Taylor Swift, who's had a rivalry with Katy, came in second but way behind Katy with $80 million.

Fleetwood Mac came in 3rd with nearly $59.5 mil, edging out Lady Gaga by half a mil. Beyonce trailed 5th at $54.5 mil. 

All hail to Katy Perry.