Christina Milian Odd Reaction to Lil Wayne 'Blackface' Costume

11/12/2015 7:45 AM PST

Christina Milan's Curious Reaction to Lil Wayne 'Blackface' Costume


Leave it to Lil Wayne's ex, Christina Milian ... she's the first person we've seen find a silver lining to Jason Aldean doing blackface to dress up like Weezy -- or so it seems.

Christina was leaving Sunset Tower on Wednesday night when we asked what she thought about the country star's outrageous costume decision. Her response -- "He's admired by a lot of people."


Yeah, it's weird. Watch the video, because we're pretty sure she's referring to Wayne -- and that would mean it's cool to do blackface as long as you admire the person.

Soooo ... Wayne should be flattered by this?