Mike Huckabee Sued You Gotta Pay to Get the 'Eye of the Tiger'

11/18/2015 10:57 AM PST

Mike Huckabee Sued: You Gotta Pay to Get the 'Eye of the Tiger'


Mike Huckabee's rally for Kim Davis could end up costing him dearly because "Eye of the Tiger" was blaring during the event ... and the songwriter is so pissed he's filed a lawsuit.

Publishing company Rude Music Inc. filed the suit against "Huckabee for President." You'll recall ... Huckabee helped organize a September rally for the county clerk who refused to grant marriage licenses to gay couples. She triumphantly walked onstage to the Survivor hit song and theme from "Rocky III."

Rude Music says Huckabee's campaign should've known better than to use its song without permission -- because during his 2008 presidential campaign the rock band Boston reportedly warned Huckabee staffers about using "More Than a Feeling." 

"Eye of the Tiger" was co-written by Frank Sullivan, a Survivor guitarist ... who owns Rude Music. He wants Huckabee to stop using the song, which shouldn't be a problem since Davis rallies have long since ended. But he also wants money for damages.