Mike Huckabee I Didn't Tell Kim Davis To Use 'Eye of the Tiger'

9/15/2015 5:15 PM PDT

Mike Huckabee -- I Didn't Tell Kim Davis to Use 'Eye of the Tiger' (VIDEO)


Mike Huckabee is passing the blame for that whole Kim Davis-"Eye of the Tiger" fiasco, and his point is clear ... DON'T SUE ME! 

We spoke to the presidential hopeful about last week's Davis rally where the Survivor hit blared over her entrance. As we reported, the band was pissed and threatened legal action since no one asked for permission.

Sounds like Huckabee's aware of the risk, because you gotta see his reaction when we asked who picked out the song.

As for Davis returning to work at the county clerk's office -- Huckabee told us if he thinks she'll stand her ground on gay marriage, or find middle ground.