Master P Defends Himself in Court Showdown ... With Estranged Wife

12/1/2015 11:13 AM PST

Master P -- Defends Himself in Court Showdown with Estranged Wife


Sonya and Master P reached a mutual agreement to stay away from each other, with no communication unless it's an emergency, or regarding their children. 

Their divorce and money issues remain unresolved, and the judge gave P time to hire an attorney before their next hearing. Master P was a true No Limit soldier Tuesday morning in an L.A. courtroom, where he marched in without an attorney to face off with his estranged wife over a restraining order.

TMZ broke the story ... Sonya Miller accused Master P of being verbally and physically abusive. In court, she went even further ... getting on the stand and telling the judge she'd heard that Master P was going to put a hit out on her.

The hearing got off to a rocky start when Master P strolled into court sans attorney, but with several of his kids ... 90 minutes late! The judge told him the children needed to wait outside, and then scolded P for his tardiness.

Master P said he didn't even know the hearing was going down, until TMZ called him about the restraining order. Things got more heated when Sonya interrupted a convo between P and the judge ... and Sonya was an emotional wreck while testifying. 

They're on a break now, but they'll be back in court this afternoon.