Woman Misidentified As Shooter Blasted Online With Anti-Islam Hate

12/4/2015 12:40 AM PST

Woman Misidentified As Shooter: Blasted Online With Anti-Islam Hate


A woman who shares a name with San Bernardino shooter Tashfeen Malik says she's getting slammed with anti-Islam threats -- and that's AFTER she made it clear to all ... she's not a terrorist.

Malik tells TMZ after the shooters were identified Wednesday night, she was blasted on Twitter with hateful messages like "glad ur dead u whore."

She tried to quickly clear up the confusion and tweeted, "unfortunately the woman in the San Bernardino shooting has the same name as me ... I would appreciate if you all would stop with the hate mail."

That only made matters worse -- Malik says people angrily responded with anti-Islam sentiments ... "all Muslims are terrorists" and "you're still a terrorist because you're Muslim."

She stands firm, saying she won't change her Twitter name or privacy settings.