Jane Seymour Officially Divorced 'Dr. Quinn' Money Split Down the Middle

12/15/2015 4:31 PM PST

Jane Seymour Divorced -- 'Dr. Quinn' Money Split Down the Middle


Jane Seymour and actor James Keach are now officially divorced, and there was a lot of property to divide, including Dodger tickets and 'Dr. Quinn' money.

Jane and James filed a settlement agreement with the court, leaving no doubt they're rolling in dough. Jane gets their Malibu home and their property in England.

She also gets a tax-free lump sum of $132,000 and in return he got season tickets to the L.A. Dodgers.

They're splitting their membership at the ultra-exclusive Sherwood Country Club. And, they are splitting 100 gold South African Krugerrands and 100 Canadian Maple Leaf Coins. The coins are worth more than $1,000 a pop.

Seymour, who starred in "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman" is not walking away with rights to her show. They're splitting any future profits. Ditto any future profits from the movie, "Walk the Line," which they produced.

They were married for 22 years.