Celeb Sex Tape Scandal Hacker Uses Virus to Steal Videos

12/22/2015 2:58 PM PST

Celeb Sex Tapes: Hacker Uses Virus to Steal Videos

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A Bahamian man has been charged with hacking into the email accounts of 130 celebrities and stealing sex tapes, sexually explicit photos, movie scripts and other sensitive personal items.

Alonzo Knowles allegedly hacked into email accounts by sending a virus that allowed him to access the data. According to the complaint, he offered to sell some of the material to an undercover officer, saying it was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The officer told Knowles, who goes by Jeff Moxey, he would pay $80k for an upcoming episode of a TV series. Knowles agreed to seal the deal and was promptly arrested.

Knowles also told the officer he had the social security number of a "very popular A-list celebrity" along with 30 unreleased tracks on their upcoming album. 

In addition to gaining access through a virus, Knowles allegedly would send the celebs a fake text message, making it seem like the account had been hacked and asking for the password to secure the account. Strangely, some of the celebs did just that.

The complaint does not say which celebs were targeted.