Brandi Glanville Ugly Attack Against Lisa Vanderpump

12/24/2015 11:23 AM PST

Brandi Glanville: Ugly Attack Against Lisa Vanderpump


Brandi Glanville is having an anger-fueled XMAS, basking in the glow of a death in Lisa Vanderpump's family and calling Lisa a "c***."

Lisa's dog Daddio, the father of Giggy, died last weekend and Lisa's been having a hard time.

Vanderpump rebounded Saturday night by rescuing 2 dogs that were on the brink of being killed at the Yulin festival and was celebrating the arrival of the pooches at her restaurant Pump in Bev Hills.  At around 9 PM, as she partied with Lance Bass and others, she got a grotesque text from Brandi.

The text read, "Merry Christmas vanderC*** and yes i am having my moment :) AND it's amazing!!! How is yours???? hahahahah #karmasabitch Or is it a c***?? Hahahaha."

Lisa, who passed her phone around to guests, tells us, "It's sad to have that much hatred in your heart especially at this time of year. Our lil Daddio meant the world to us. Anyway, happy Christmas."