'Revenge Of The Nerds II' Star Sues Landlord for Insinuating He's a Pedophile

12/25/2015 12:40 AM PST

'Revenge Of The Nerds' Star: Sues Landlord for Insinuating He's a Pedophile


'Revenge Of The Nerds II' star Barry Sobel is suing his landlord for dragging his name through the mud in a comment posted on YouTube. 

Sobel had filed a lawsuit against his landlord for refusing to do repairs on his San Fran rental and sending him harassing texts, but he says things escalated when the landlord took things online.

Sobel claims his landlord posted a comment on a video of him on a Johnny Carson show in the '80s that read, "this guy has been caught multiple times with underage boys at his house. A true scumbag."  The user name on the comment is different from the landlord's, but Sobel says they're one in the same.

Sobel has now filed a new lawsuit, claiming defamation. He wants more than a million bucks.