Madonna Concert Goers She Was Trash-Talkin' and a Lil' Trashed

1/17/2016 7:23 AM PST

Madonna Concert Goers -- She was Trash Talkin' and a Lil' Trashed

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Madonna charmed some in Louisville and pissed off others at her Rebel Heart Tour ... and a little liquor may have been involved.

Some fans were irate that the show started late ... VERY late according to some -- 3 hours late.

One fan says, "Madonna was very drunk" ... another says only "a lil drunk but funny."

And one woman went off, saying "Madonna was an awesome performer but man she was a bitch! ... trashed talked Kentuckians and spoke in a fake hillbilly accent."

Apparently a lot of fans screamed obscenities at her during the show, but in the end, the consensus seems to be that a good time was had by most.