Madonna Rocco Thinks Being with Dad is Jiffy

1/9/2016 6:42 AM PST

Madonna -- Rocco Thinks Being with Dad is Jiffy

Madonna's son Rocco remains ensconced in London with his dad, as she fights to get him back.

Rocco and Guy Ricthie took a father-son bike ride Saturday.

As TMZ reported, Rocco wants to stay with his dad after bailing from Madonna's tour more than a month ago.  Our sources say Rocco wants a stable home life and feels like he's more of a trophy on tour than a son.

For Madonna's part, we're told she believe Guy has bad-mouthed her to Rocco and poisoned their relationship.  Madonna and Guy have had numerous fights involving Rocco over the years.

Rocco has been ordered to appear in a New York family court next month, and as we reported Guy has already lawyered up for a custody fight.

Madonna performed in Mexico City this week, and openly talked about her current struggle, to the point of tearing up.