Madonna Guy Ritchie Lawyers Up To Fight for Custody of Rocco

1/4/2016 1:00 AM PST

Madonna: Guy Ritchie Lawyers Up to Fight for Custody of Rocco


Guy Ritchie and 15-year-old Rocco have formed a united front, and plan to wage a custody war against Madonna ... sources connected with Guy tell TMZ.

Our sources say Rocco has not softened his position ... he now wants to live with his dad. We're told Rocco feels his mom is "too controlling" and doesn't pay him any real attention. It's now been a month since he left Madonna's tour to live with his dad, and he feels more strongly than ever he wants to stay put.

We're told Rocco, like his dad, feels home life in London is more stable and loving. It's no longer just that Rocco doesn't like touring with his mom ... he says he just doesn't want to live with her anymore.

We're told Guy has hired a lawyer to mount a legal fight. 

As we reported, our Madonna sources say Guy has gotten in Rocco's ear and is talking trash about her. The two have had a rocky co-parenting experience, often fighting. 

A New York judge has ordered Rocco back in the U.S. for a hearing in February.