Madonna Guy Ritchie Trash Talked Me to Rocco

12/28/2015 1:00 AM PST

Madonna: Guy Ritchie Trash Talked Me to Rocco


Guy Ritchie got in Rocco's ear and drove a wedge between Madonna and the 15-year-old ... sources close to Madonna tell TMZ. 

We're told Guy and Madonna have had a "volatile" relationship for years, and Rocco has been a source of conflict. Madonna, we're told, is a strict disciplinarian and "very controlling" ... something that doesn't sit well with Rocco and for that matter most 15 year olds.  

Our Madonna sources say Guy was angry at Madonna and used his visit with Rocco to stoke the coals, and it worked. 

We're told Madonna isn't worried ... she's confident Rocco's coming back home for good, and this is just part of the co-parenting hand she's been dealt.