Macklemore Miley & Iggy Steal from Black Culture!

1/22/2016 10:13 AM PST

Macklemore: Miley Cyrus & Iggy Azalea Steal from Black Culture!

Macklemore is taking aim at white artists -- especially Miley Cyrus and Iggy Azalea -- for jacking black culture to get rich, while ignoring the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Seattle rapper just released "White Privilege II" ... questioning Miley's, Iggy's and even his own motives for doing hip-hop music. In the song's 2nd verse he says:

"You're Miley, you're Elvis, you're Iggy Azalea
Fake and so plastic, you've heisted the magic
You've taken the drums and the accent you rapped in
You're branded hip-hop, it's so fascist and backwards
That Grandmaster Flash'd go slap it, you bastard"

It seems he's lumping himself in with both women -- and the criticisms they all hear about their music -- but Iggy's taken it very personally. She tweeted, "he shouldn't have spent the last 3 yrs having friendly convos and taking pictures together if those were his feelings."

But the song isn't really about Iggy -- you really have to hear the whole thing -- Macklemore goes on to rap more about his own guilt for joining protests. Last November, he marched in a Michael Brown protest in Seattle.