Jay Z's Company Sues Rita Ora We Didn't Screw You You Screwed Us

2/1/2016 10:55 AM PST

Jay Z's Company Sues Rita Ora ... We Didn't Screw You, You Screwed Us

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Roc Nation, the music label run by Jay Z, is now suing Rita Ora.

The label claims it signed Rita in 2008 when she was unknown and invested millions in her career. In return she had to deliver 5 albums, but the label says it only got one.

As we previously reported ... Rita filed a lawsuit back in December claiming she had a bunch of new music for her second album but the label hadn't released it, instead focusing on repping pro athletes.

But according to Roc Nation's lawsuit, the label has already spent more than $2.3 million marketing her second LP and the point of the lawsuit is to get the money back.

There's another twist ... Ora's attorney, Howard King, claims Jay Z's  already promised to release Rita from her contract ... so the lawsuit will probably just go away.