Bill Cosby Arrives for Day 2 ... Fighting for Dismissal

2/3/2016 6:27 AM PST

Bill Cosby: Arrives for Day 2 of Fighting for Dismissal

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Bill Cosby looked a little more relieved as he arrived for the second day of the hearing that could see his sexual assault case dismissed.

Cosby's lawyers are arguing the Andrea Constand case should be dismissed because of the deal he made with the former D.A. -- Cosby would sit for a deposition in the case, but only if he were not prosecuted.

The former D.A. testified Tuesday in the courtroom outside Philadelphia -- saying he wasn't happy he didn't have enough evidence to prosecute Cosby, but basically said ... a deal is a deal.

Maybe that's why Cosby seemed less stressed Wednesday morning, although he did make a remark about the crowd on his way into the courtroom.