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Ex-USC Tight End Violent Details In Alleged Robbery Spree

2/20/2016 12:30 AM PST

Ex-USC Tight End: Violent Details In Alleged Robbery Spree


The two former college football players who allegedly teamed up in at least 7 robberies used violent tactics and weapons on innocent victims including women ... and in one case held a knife to a victim's throat ... this according to investigators. 

We broke the story ... ex-USC tight end Bryce Dixon and ex-LSU lineman Trey Lealaimatafao were arrested back in January after cops say they went on a violent crime spree in California. 

Now, more details ... and it's scary. Here's a breakdown of the alleged 5 hour rampage. 

Robbery #1 -- 1:40 AM -- 3 black males approach a man on a walk, one suspect has a black metal pipe, another has a knife. They demand cell phone, he refuses, so 1 suspect punches him and takes it. 

Robbery #2 -- 2:25 AM -- a man is walking into his house when a black SUV pulls up. 3 black men rush him and knock him to the ground. 1 suspect holds a knife to his throat as the others rummaged through his pockets and backpack. They flee in the SUV. 

Robbery #3 -- 3:15 AM -- woman parks her vehicle and begins to walk toward an elevator when 2 black males approach and one says, "You're going to give us that phone and wallet." She refuses, 1 man flashes a knife, the other pretends to have a gun in his waistband. She hands over phone and wallet, suspects flee. 

Robbery #4 -- 6:15 AM -- woman walking near USC when she was pushed in the back. She turns and sees 2 black males who demand property. They go through jacket pockets and take her bag. 

Robbery #5 -- around 6:15 AM -- woman walking with a backpack. Approached by two black males, 1 has a bat. They demand property, take it and flee. 

Robbery #6 -- 6:20 AM -- man sitting in his car approached by black male holding dark object. 2 other suspects approach car, 1 punches victim in face. Victim flees into his house, while 1 suspect steals the car and crashes it into a parked car. Suspect ditches car, flees in black SUV.

Robbery #7 -- 6:25 AM -- woman walking to her car carrying 2 bags when approached by 2 men. They demand bags and her lanyard with keys on it. They tried to use the keys to steal her car, but it doesn't work, so they flee with her bags. 

Cops stopped the SUV later that day after an alert went out to officer and Bryce and Trey were in the car ... along with a black metal pipe and a knife. 

Victims later identified the men as their assailants and they were arrested. 

Now, investigators are asking a judge for permission to test their DNA to see if they can match it on the weapons. 

They've both been charged with multiple counts of robbery -- along with carjacking and assault with a deadly weapon. 

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