Sen. Marco Rubio Self Destructs Trying to Out-Trump Trump

2/26/2016 9:29 AM PST

Sen. Marco Rubio: Self Destructs Trying to Out-Trump Trump

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Sen. Marco Rubio just got crushed under a wall of irony when he tried to deliver a Trump-esque shot at Donald Trump.

During a rally in Dallas, he started reading a Trump tweet calling Rubio a "choker." Watch, the Senator's trying to diss Trump for misspelling the word ... but accidentally spells it perfectly. It plays like Rubio doesn't know how to spell.

(Note: Trump really did misspell it, but corrected the tweet by the time Rubio read it).

There's more, but it all plays like a failed attempt to beat Trump at his own game. In other words ... the role of Meek Mill will now be played by Sen. Rubio.

Drake ... y'know what that means. Sorry.