Great White We Didn't Start the Fire

3/8/2016 10:03 AM PST

Great White: We Didn't Start the Fire


Great White dropped a bombshell on us Monday ... the band playing at a Rhode Island nightclub where 100 people perished in a fire was NOT Great White.

The fire -- triggered by pyrotechnics -- made international news back in 2003. But guitarist Mark Kendall told our photog at LAX the show was actually a solo act, featuring lead singer Jack Russell.

Mark says Jack's tour was floundering, so he agreed to play with him that night, but it was not a Great White show. The band was comprised of 5 members.

Mark, who was traveling with drummer Audie Desbrow, says CNN was misled by the marquee on the club which did say "Great White," but the band was never booked, never played and was never sued.