San Bernardino Shooters' Condo Hits The Market

3/17/2016 8:43 AM PDT

San Bernardino -- Shooters' Condo Hits The Market


The condo rented by the San Bernardino shooters has been put up for sale ... and it looks like it's being priced to sell, but it seems like the seller is trading off the notorious publicity.

The owner has listed the home for $210,000 ... based on our survey of the area it's comparable to other 2 bedroom, 1,100 square foot condos. It's not lower than market value nor is the seller trying to score a premium because of its notoriety.  

In the description of the condo in one real estate listing, it says, "Has historic background."

You'll recall the place was trashed when law enforcement conducted a raid hours after the massacre, which went down 7 miles from the condo.

The seller has restored the place and it now looks shipshape for sale. The question ...