Migos Rapper Offset Arrested By Mistake ... The Court Screwed Up My Case!

3/18/2016 12:47 PM PDT

Migos Rapper Offset: Arrested By Mistake ... the Court Screwed Up My Case!

Exclusive Details

Migos rapper Offset is out of jail after being arrested by mistake Thursday in Atlanta ... TMZ has learned.

According to a clerk at the Atlanta Municipal Court, when Migos was pulled over for having tinted windows, the cops saw an outstanding warrant and busted him. He stayed in jail overnight and posted a $1,900 bond Friday morning.

But the rapper went right back to court to argue he paid a $316 suspended license ticket back in December which should have settled the matter. The court tells TMZ ... Offset was right and never should have been arrested. 

He should get his $1,900 back in the next few weeks. The clerk says Offset still got a new ticket for the tinted windows, though his attorney says that was tossed as well.