Tracy Morgan 'Taxi' Got Me Through Suicidal Moments

3/25/2016 6:43 AM PDT

Tracy Morgan Says 'Taxi' Theme Got Him Through Suicidal Moments

Tracy Morgan seriously thought about taking his life after he woke up from a coma after his near-fatal accident, but a classic TV theme eased his pain. 

Tracy said he "contemplated suicide" when he was sitting at home, unable to walk and terrified that he'd never be funny again. As he puts it, "I was in a very dark place." He also told Rolling Stone he struggled with feelings of guilt ... since he survived the accident, but his friend and mentor Jimmy Mack did not. 

He doesn't remember the actual wreck on a NJ highway -- and he's totally fine with that -- but he recalls that playing the "Taxi" theme song calmed him when things got tough during recovery. Tracy cued up the song during the RS interview and started crying ... "I remember them days. Jesus." 

It ain't the most uplifting tune, but glad it worked for Tracy.