Lil Wayne Universal's Screwing Me To Pay Off Birdman's Debt

3/28/2016 6:34 PM PDT

Lil Wayne Sues Universal Music Group Over Birdman's $100 Million Advance

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Lil Wayne's suing Universal Music Group because he says the company is settling debts with Birdman and Cash Money Records ... with money owed to him. 

Weezy filed the federal lawsuit against UMG over its financial arrangement with Cash Money. According to the suit, UMG advanced Birdman's label $100 million, and has slowly been paying itself back.

Wayne's issue is half that money going back to Universal is his, under the terms of his deal with Cash Money. Wayne says the bulk of the revenue was earned by his Young Money artists -- Drake, Nicki Minaj and Tyga -- so he deserves a healthy cut.

Wayne's furious over what he considers a screw job, and is demanding at least $20 million. Of course, this suit is on top of his ongoing $10 million battle with Cash Money.