Viral Natalie Portman Look-Alike I Blame Zeppelin! But I'm a Grown Man Now

3/29/2016 3:29 PM PDT

Viral Natalie Portman Look-Alike Blames Led Zeppelin!


Natalie Portman's suddenly famous doppelganger -- a 13-year-old BOY -- spent a good chunk of his life explaining he's NOT a girl, and it's all because of his rock 'n' roll fantasies.

We got Clyff, the now 24-year-old dude whose teenage pic -- side-by-side with Natalie -- blew up on Reddit this week. He's laughing it off now, but Clyff told us his adolescence was rougher than the average kid.

Funny part ... Clyff says he wasn't going for a Queen Amidala look at all. He really idolized Led Zeppelin's frontman.

DNA (and kids) can be cruel.