Snoop Dogg I'll Save Roscoe's Chicken N Waffles From Bankruptcy

3/30/2016 6:39 AM PDT

Snoop Dogg Thinking About Saving Roscoe's Chicken N Waffles


Snoop Dogg's about to become way more than just a music legend ... if he's serious about saving L.A.'s iconic restaurant, Roscoe's Chicken N Waffles.

We got Snoop and Warren G outside Lure Nightclub Tuesday night and brought up the biggest news in Hollywood -- that the parent company of Roscoe's just filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Snoop hadn't heard, and was floored -- you gotta see his reaction -- but he immediately started thinking about how to save the hot spot ... where he's a regular, mind you.

Check out his plan -- we're guessing Roscoe's fans won't care about a name change ... if the chicken's still hot!