L.A. Car Chase TMZ Tour Bus Blocks Suspects

4/7/2016 3:13 PM PDT

L.A. Car Chase Suspects Blocked by TMZ Tour Bus

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A high speed pursuit on an L.A. freeway was nearly derailed by a TMZ Celebrity Tour bus.

The suspects, wanted for burglary, were flying down the 101 freeway in a convertible Mustang -- weaving through lanes of traffic -- when they were momentarily blocked by one of our buses.

The bus driver veered right into the same lane the suspects were trying to speed down. The driver tells us he never saw the chase coming behind him. He was innocently changing lanes, and ended up cutting off the suspects.

There were no passengers on the bus, and it was not conducting a tour at the time.

Check out the video ... the suspects were able to maneuver around the bus, but not before tossing a sandwich. The chase continued into South L.A. ... where things really got bizarre.