TMZ Challenge Win a Trip to Hollywood ... Appear on 'TMZ On TV'!!!


We have great confidence in TMZ users and viewers because we think there's someone out there who could give our photogs a run for their money.

So, here's the contest ... shoot a video on your cell phone where you have a TMZ-style convo with a friend, a child, a pet, a rando, etc. WE'RE NOT LOOKING FOR YOU TO SHOOT A CELEBRITY. Just find someone you know and have a fun, interesting, engaging conversation. You can talk about anything you want ... something funny, serious, snarky or anything in between.


Something under 2 minutes would be ideal, but there's no magic time -- it's more about quality. Translation: size doesn't matter.

Submit your entry to Twitter, Instagram or TikTok with the hashtags #TMZchallenge and #contest -- check out the full rules here. We'll watch all the videos back in our offices and pick a winner, who will get 2 plane tickets to Hollywood. They'll also be on "TMZ on TV" and take the TMZ Celebrity Tour.

'IT Chapter Two' TMZ Clowns Around the 'IT' Experience ... Fear Floats Our Boat!!!


Pennywise the Clown is back in town -- meaning another freaky 'IT' pop-up has returned to L.A. -- which TMZ got to check out ... and now, with our help, you can float too!!!

The IT Experience: Chapter Two rolled into Tinseltown last Thursday -- and over the weekend, our very own photog Charlie Cotton and his lovely wife, Erin, dove head first into the carnival-like attraction on the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Vine Street.

It all ended in a nightmarish walk through Derry's own circus funhouse, but before that ... there was lots to do!!! The pop-up's got some cool stuff -- a Pennywise-themed Ferris wheel and classic carnival games served as a great warm-up before the final destination.

Check out this year's 'IT Experience' -- a bit more elaborate than 2017's, seeing how it'll take you roughly half an hour get through this thing. But, you also get more of it now.

Instead of sticking to the Neibolt house, you'll actually visit more in-film locations this time -- Mrs. Kersh's apartment, the sewers, and the Chinese restaurant the Losers reunite in.

Long story short, it's a ton of fun -- and if you got a bit more spine than Charlie here ... you should be all good to go. Good luck though, walk-up line times are running up to 6-hours long so far ... and the pop-up sold out on reservation spots within 31 minutes of going up.

We can help you out though!!! Here's the deal -- TMZ is offering a jump-the-line pass if you book a tour with us through September 8. It's like a shortcut ... to HELL (kidding).

So, come one, come all ... "IT" ain't gonna be around forever. But "IT Chapter Two" will be in theaters on Sept. 6!!!

Aaron Carter to TMZ Bus Hey, Everybody ... I Just Had Top Secret Surgery


Aaron Carter was more than happy to greet fans on the TMZ Tour bus, apparently right after he went under the knife for something that is super secret.

Our tour guide spotted Aaron Tuesday in L.A., when he pulled over and hopped on the bus to say what's up to the passengers. It gets awkward right out of the gate ... with Aaron talking surgery and anesthesia.

He's mum on the medical issue -- but happy to interact with everyone.

As we reported ... Aaron was just busted for DUI refusal and weed possession in Georgia a few weeks ago. He says cops targeted him 'cause he's a celeb, but police say he bombed a field sobriety test. The witness who called 911 claimed he was "on something" at the time.

Yasiel Puig Crashes TMZ Tour ... Meets MLB Legend Onboard!


Think L.A. Dodgers superstar Yasiel Puig could pick World Series hero Luis Gonzalez out of a crowd?

You're about to find out ... courtesy of the TMZ Celebrity Tour!!!

Puig flagged down the bus (super comfy seats, btw) while eating at Villa Blanca in Bev Hills on Friday -- and got onboard to take pics and shake hands with the guests ... one of whom happened to be Gonzo!

Everyone had a blast and Puig was super cool -- but do ya think he knew he just shook hands with a 5-time MLB All Star (and former Dodger)???

Mariah Carey Here's My Advice on Marriage ... (Listen Up, Nick!)


Mariah Carey dropped some knowledge on us about marriage -- when to get into it, and when to get out -- and also dropped a big hint about what's really going on with Nick Cannon these days.

Mimi came off like a real-life therapist Thursday in Bev Hills, where she was on a mystery "mission" ... and the TMZ Celebrity Tour spotted her. When our tour guide/photog asked why she and Nick have been hanging out so much lately ... MC got philosophical.

It's an awesome interaction because Mariah clearly wanted to share her life lessons. She also showed a lot of love to fans as she literally stopped traffic.

Okay. The doctor will see you now ...

L.A. Car Chase TMZ Tour Bus Blocks Suspects


A high speed pursuit on an L.A. freeway was nearly derailed by a TMZ Celebrity Tour bus.

The suspects, wanted for burglary, were flying down the 101 freeway in a convertible Mustang -- weaving through lanes of traffic -- when they were momentarily blocked by one of our buses.

The bus driver veered right into the same lane the suspects were trying to speed down. The driver tells us he never saw the chase coming behind him. He was innocently changing lanes, and ended up cutting off the suspects.

There were no passengers on the bus, and it was not conducting a tour at the time.

Check out the video ... the suspects were able to maneuver around the bus, but not before tossing a sandwich. The chase continued into South L.A. ... where things really got bizarre.



Chuy Bravo crashed the TMZ Hollywood Tour Thursday ... in a BIG way!

Chelsea Handler's former talk show sidekick hopped on the bus and was immediately greeted with a complimentary lap dance from a passenger. To be clear, she is NOT on our payroll.

After the bump and grind, Chuy talked bout the feud between Chelsea and Heather McDonald. Check it out ... he remembers things much differently than Heather.

Note: Lap dances are NOT guaranteed to all passengers. Just the lucky ones.

Brad & Angelina Still Golden ... After All These Years

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt STILL clean up so freakin' good, it hurts -- and they flaunted their perfection Thursday night at the Hollywood premiere of their movie "By The Sea."

Angie directed, wrote and co-stars in the film with Brad so this was clearly a big night for the couple, who apparently REFUSE to age.

She's 40, he's 51, and they have 6 six kids running around at home, and the thing is ... none of that shows, AT ALL!

Nick Jonas Hijacks TMZ Hollywood Tour Bus!!!


Nick Jonas took a page out of "Speed" ... hijacking the TMZ Hollywood Tour Bus for a free ride to his brother's house -- and it was awesome!

Our tour spotted the youngest JoBro on Sunset Blvd. with some hot chicks (shooting an MTV promo) -- and he decided to take our passengers straight to Joe Jonas' house.

The passengers got up close and personal with Nick & Joe ... check out the clip and join the fun when you're in town.

Jackie Chan It's All Chinese to Him & Our Photog


This could be our best Jackie Chan clip ever ... because it's all about Jackie's favorite Chinese things -- and it's all spoken in authentic Chinese! Yeah, those Rosetta Stone tapes do wonders.

Actually, we spotted Jackie during a TMZ Hollywood Tour ... and lucky for us (and you) the guide was Valerie -- who speaks Chinese. She got the chance to bust it out with Jackie during this chat in Bev Hills.

Check it out , Jackie seems pleasantly surprised to make the Chinese connection.

Don't worry, we included translations ... so, you can understand the words that are coming out of his mouth.

Ben Affleck Follow Me to the Party

It's the biggest celebrity run-in in the history of all history -- Ben Affleck in his awesome vintage ride ... pulling up to a bunch of unsuspecting tourists and chatting 'em up about Hollywood hot spots.

Oh ... it all went down on a little thing called the TMZ Hollywood tour!! Yeah, we kinda scored.

TMZ Tour LAPD Interrupts Diarrhea Episode

Talk about bad timing -- the LAPD went full Michael Bay Tuesday on Sunset Blvd ... in one of the craziest busts we've ever seen ... and rudely interrupted the TMZ Hollywood Tour's legendary diarrhea story in the process.

Roughly 10 police cruisers careened to the scene -- law enforcement sources tell TMZ, cops believed they had a crazed DUI suspect on their hands and responded in full force, guns drawn. The footage is intense.

But the sad part -- the bust occurred at the exact moment during the tour ... when we talk about Josh Hartnett's legendary 911 diarrhea emergency at the Chateau Marmont.

Pretty inconsiderate if you ask us.

TMZ Hollywood Tour Where GWAR Fans Go to Pop the Question

The TMZ Hollywood Tour -- the only way to see huge celebrities ... and a well-dressed speed metal fan working up the nerve to ask his gf to marry him. Yeah, that really happened ...

Check out TMZ on TV -- click here to see your local listings!

TMZ Hollywood Tour -- And on Your Left ... It's Diddy!

The maiden voyage of the TMZ Hollywood Tour set sail today and right off the bat they caught a BIG ONE ... spotting Diddy roaming the streets of Beverly Hills!

It went down on Rodeo Drive just minutes ago. The bus tour was cruising along ... when they saw Diddy out shopping. So our fearless leader, Harvey Levin, jumped out of the bus and ran to catch up with him.

Turns out Diddy isn't just a fan of Harvey's work on TMZ ... he's a fan of his singing, too! Ok, he didn't actually hear HL's "My Way," .... he heard about it. But still!

To get your tickets for the TMZ Hollywood Tour, click here -- you never know who you're gonna see!

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