TMZ's Anniversary 14 Years Of Big News

Well, here it is. 14 years ago today, we pushed a button and went live and has been on a wild ride ever since.

We have broken thousands of stories over the years, many of which we can proudly say have changed the political and social climate. Our Ray Rice story had profound implications on the way the NFL and others deal with domestic violence. Our Donald Sterling story changed basketball for the better.

Some of the stories we've posted have been jaw-dropping. Those of us who worked at TMZ back in June 2009 were thunderstruck when we realized Michael Jackson was dead, and our investigation into doctors who enabled the singer was super disturbing.

Check out just a few of the stories we've broken that have made national and in many cases world news.


Sometimes you just know. When we got the Beyonce/Jay-Z elevator video back in May 2014, we knew it would generate crazy interest. What caused Solange to attack Jay, and how do you deconstruct Bey's reaction? Bey and Jay eventually righted the ship, and now all's well.

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Baltimore Ravens star Ray Rice got in trouble for attacking his girlfriend, but the public had no idea how serious it was until we got video of Ray viciously knocking out his fiancee in an elevator. The story hit like an atomic bomb. Prosecutors gave Rice a slap on the wrist, and the NFL gave him a measly 2-game suspension, which it later increased after a torrent of public criticism. The story triggered big changes in the way the NFL and other sports deal with domestic violence.

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Michael Jackson long had trouble with drugs but kept a lot of it hidden from public view. On June 25, 2009, we got a tip he went into cardiac arrest and made about a hundred calls and eventually determined he was dead. After we broke the death story, the L.A. Times posted a story that Jackson was in a coma. The rest of the media had to then choose ... who to believe.

TMZ Challenge Win a Trip to Hollywood ... Appear on 'TMZ On TV'!!!


We have great confidence in TMZ users and viewers because we think there's someone out there who could give our photogs a run for their money.

So, here's the contest ... shoot a video on your cell phone where you have a TMZ-style convo with a friend, a child, a pet, a rando, etc. WE'RE NOT LOOKING FOR YOU TO SHOOT A CELEBRITY. Just find someone you know and have a fun, interesting, engaging conversation. You can talk about anything you want ... something funny, serious, snarky or anything in between.


Something under 2 minutes would be ideal, but there's no magic time -- it's more about quality. Translation: size doesn't matter.

Submit your entry to Twitter, Instagram or TikTok with the hashtags #TMZchallenge and #contest -- check out the full rules here. We'll watch all the videos back in our offices and pick a winner, who will get 2 plane tickets to Hollywood. They'll also be on "TMZ on TV" and take the TMZ Celebrity Tour.

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