TMZ Contest Show Us Your Talent on Video We'll Give You $5,000!!!


Ever wanted to put your seemingly useless talents to good use -- AKA, getting ca$$$h??? It's your lucky day, 'cause TMZ's got the dough, and we're ready to dish it out for some video.

Welcome to the "Show Us Your Talent" contest, where all you gotta do is capture your unique skills on camera and submit it here before Feb. 25 by 11:59 PM. TMZ will take a gander at all of the submissions, and whoever we like best will get $5,000. CASH. How 'bout that?!

What's more, we'll also get you some face time over the airwaves and put you on our show, "TMZ on TV." If you want an idea of what we're looking for, check out the vid above.

We got some of our own crew members to juggle, blow into a giant horn thingy, hula hoop and even tell weird jokes and recite facts. You can do better than that though, right??

Now, just to give you some quick basic parameters -- we're looking for a video no longer than 90 seconds, and also ... something we can broadcast without getting fined by the FCC. So keep it clean, people. Anything nifty, neat, clever or awe-inspiring will do just fine.

If you want a full rundown of the rules, check 'em out here. Otherwise, get recording and start submitting. It's one entry per person ... so godspeed. Wow us, will ya?? 😲

TMZ Challenge Win a Trip to Hollywood ... Appear on 'TMZ On TV'!!!


We have great confidence in TMZ users and viewers because we think there's someone out there who could give our photogs a run for their money.

So, here's the contest ... shoot a video on your cell phone where you have a TMZ-style convo with a friend, a child, a pet, a rando, etc. WE'RE NOT LOOKING FOR YOU TO SHOOT A CELEBRITY. Just find someone you know and have a fun, interesting, engaging conversation. You can talk about anything you want ... something funny, serious, snarky or anything in between.


Something under 2 minutes would be ideal, but there's no magic time -- it's more about quality. Translation: size doesn't matter.

Submit your entry to Twitter, Instagram or TikTok with the hashtags #TMZchallenge and #contest -- check out the full rules here. We'll watch all the videos back in our offices and pick a winner, who will get 2 plane tickets to Hollywood. They'll also be on "TMZ on TV" and take the TMZ Celebrity Tour.

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