Pennywise Guitarist Careless Driver Costing Me Uber Amounts of Cash

3/18/2016 12:20 AM PDT

Pennywise Guitarist: Careless Driver Costing Me Uber Amounts of Cash


Pennywise lead guitarist Fletcher Dragge is suing Uber claiming one of its drivers made him wipe out on his bike last 4th of July. 

Fletcher tells TMZ ... he was coasting down Pier Ave. in Hermosa Beach, CA on his beach cruiser when the doors of a red sedan suddenly opened. Fletcher says he smashed into a door, bounced off another car and then crashed to the ground. 

He says the 3 young girls who got out of the sedan came to help, but the driver of the car, an Uber ride, split. Fletcher says the girls blamed their driver who told them to get out, even though he was stopped in traffic.

Fletcher tore his meniscus in the wreck and says he's going to need surgery, which will put him out of commission for months. He's suing Uber and its driver for medical expenses and lost wages.

The only up note -- Fletcher's bike made it out relatively unscathed.