Ray Parker Jr. I Know Who They're NOT Gonna Call For New 'Ghostbusters' ...

4/12/2016 1:48 PM PDT

Ray Parker Jr. Says Know Who They're NOT Gonna Call For New 'Ghostbusters'


Ray Parker Jr. wrote one of the most iconic movie themes ever for the original 'Ghostbusters' movies ... but, ironically, his phone isn't ringing at all for the new all chick version.

We got Ray outside Mr Chow in Bev Hills where he filled us in on what he obviously considers a diss, and he says it even goes beyond working on the film. In short, Ray says he's getting NO respect.

There is some rocky history -- Huey Lewis sued RPJ and Columbia Pictures for ripping off "I Want A New Drug" for the 'Ghostbusters' theme. They settled out of court.

Ray's still holding out hope, since the film doesn't come out until the summer -- but based on the trailer, sounds like he shouldn't wait by the phone.

They've moved on ...