Bono Draft Chris Rock to Fight ISIS! (And That's Not Weirdest Part of Senate Speech)

4/13/2016 8:13 AM PDT

Bono Wants to Draft Chris Rock to Fight ISIS!! (And That's Not Weirdest Part of His Senate Speech)

Bono's plan to defeat ISIS requires killing the terrorists ... with laughter, provided by A-list comedians like Amy Schumer and Chris Rock.

Check out this clip of U2's frontman addressing the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Tuesday. If it sounds like Bono was making jokes ... he wasn't. He even made a Hitler comparison.

But just as interesting as his comedy plan itself is ... WHY was he even there to present it?

Unless, of course the Senators were grilling him about that whole U2 being force fed onto everyone's iPhone disaster -- but it never came up.

At least outside he talked about stuff with which he's familiar -- cycling. And George Bush.