Prince Business Affairs Chaotic Before Death

4/24/2016 1:29 PM PDT

Prince Struggled With Business Affairs


Prince's business empire lacked control before his death, and now his relatives and lawyers are left scrambling to pick up the pieces. 

Sources close to the singer tell TMZ he often switched up his team of advisers, especially if he didn't like what they had to say. We're told Prince lacked high powered attorneys with the kind of experience needed to sort out business affairs, and handle a music catalog like his. 

Our sources say Prince's sister Tyka has been calling most of the shots since his death. However, we're told even honchos at his label, Warner Bros Music aren't sure where the rights to his songs will fall. 

We're also told reports of the singer's fortune being close to $300 million are inflated, and it's probably closer to half that. Still, it's a ton of dough someone will have to control.