Blac Chyna I Second That Emoji ... for SEVEN FIGURES!

5/6/2016 7:59 AM PDT

Blac Chyna Scores New Emoji Deal for Seven Figures!


Blac Chyna can play the game just as well as her BFF -- and maybe better -- 'cause she's officially joined emoji nation, just like Amber Rose, and she's cashing in big time.

BC's customized emojis are rolling out on Tuesday, featuring tons of images of Chyna -- for every emotion, in theory. The app, produced by GlamRoks, even has shots of her fiancé Rob Kardashian (ubiquitous ball cap included).

Sources connected to the deal claim Chyna's total haul could top a couple million.

We gotta say, it might be worth it just for the Blac Chyna mug shot emoji. Perfect for those weekend flights when you get a little too lit! Allegedly.