Amber Rose This Town Ain't Big Enough for 2 Ambers

5/9/2016 12:35 AM PDT

Amber Rose: This Town Ain't Big Enough for Two Ambers


Amber Rose is like "Highlander" -- there can be only one -- and she's in the middle of a legal dogfight to win the exclusive right to make bank off her name.

Amber filed legal docs to trademark her name so she can market the hell out of it. Enter Amber Rose Kelly -- an up-and-coming country star -- who filed her own docs claiming she, not Kanye's ex, has the right to lay claim to the name.

ARK is trying to convince the honchos at the Trademark Office she's the famous one ... an award-nominated former child actor, singer, songwriter, recording artist, model and photographer. By contrast ARK claims Amber is nothing more than a former stripper who parades down the Sunset Strip in a bathing suit.

ARK also says prior to 2009 ... she was the only Amber Rose who appeared in Google.

For her part, Kanye's ex claims she's the only famous one ... no one has ever heard of the wannabe country star. Amber says she was born Amber Rose, and the other one's just making a money grab.