Blac Chyna Birthday Dripping in Diamonds ... AND ASS!!

5/12/2016 7:25 AM PDT

Blac Chyna's Birthday Dripping in Diamonds ... And Ass

Blac Chyna's 28th birthday was sooo money -- she made some, Rob Kardashian spent some and a bunch of strippers got covered in some. Win-win-win. 

Chyna and Rob celebrated at Miami's G5ive strip club ... where she was hosting and paying rent for the best chicks in the club.

The mom-to-be got a giant cake delivered to VIP along with STACKS of cash, which was generously distributed to the dancers -- aka Chyna making it rain like hell on 'em!

BTW -- before Rob and Blac went to the club, they hit up Katsuya at the SLS South Beach Hotel and loaded up on just about everything on the menu, including sushi, steak, lobster, and lamb chops.

Check out the video ... not just for the exotic dancing, but for the massive birthday bling BC was flashing at the end of the night.