Justin Bieber Here's Proof I Didn't Jack 'Sorry'

5/27/2016 5:34 PM PDT

Justin Bieber: Here's Proof I Didn't Jack 'Sorry' Vocals

Justin Bieber's camp thinks they have sufficient evidence to throw out indie pop star White Hinterland's lawsuit claiming he stole her vocal loop for "Sorry."

TMZ obtained a 25 second snippet that lays out how Blood, one of JB's co-producers on the song, manipulated a different female voice for the now famous loop that opens "Sorry." 

In the breakdown you hear the unidentified woman sing that "oohooh oohooh" at a regular tempo. It's then taken up a few octaves and repeated for the end result that went into the song. The important thing is ... Justin's camp denies using White Hinterland's voice at all.

Listen to the clip ... it still sounds very similar to WH's original loop, but in her suit she says JB and co. used her actual voice and effects.

We're told they believe this clip proves that just ain't the case.