Diplo Sorry, Bieber .. That Sample's Gonna Cost Ya

5/27/2016 12:48 PM PDT

Diplo Says Justin Bieber's 'Sorry' Sample Will Cost Him


Diplo says it's only a matter of time until Justin Bieber and his team cough up some dough to White Hinterland, the indie artist who says her vocals were jacked for JB's "Sorry."

We got Diplo at LAX Thursday fresh off a gig with Skrillex, and asked him about Hinterland's lawsuit ... which also named Skrillex, since he produced Justin's hit.

Check out his take on the tricky biz of sampling, and why he's pretty sure somebody on Bieber's side will have to pay. And you gotta hear how he almost got burned while producing Beyonce's "All Night."

Luckily for Diplo ... his ears saved his ass. His wallet, not so much.