Calvin Harris Car Wreck Injuries Look Worse Than Reps Claimed

6/1/2016 11:53 AM PDT

Calvin Harris' Injuries Far Worse Than Reps Claimed

Calvin Harris -- it seems -- has at least one lingering injury from his car accident ... just check out his bum ear.

Calvin arrived at LAX Tuesday with a bruised and misshapen right lobe.

TMZ broke the story ... Calvin was in a terrible car crash May 20 and taken by ambulance to the hospital, but bailed against doctor's advice when he couldn't get a private room. His people told us he left because his only injury was a small cut on his nose, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

Taylor Swift's BF had flown to London, though it's unclear why. He's already cancelled 4 gigs.

By comparison, check out this photo showing his left ear ... which seems fine. Clearly, something's still up on the right side.