Jared Fogle Sharing Child Porn Just Once ... Enough for 15 Yr Sentence

6/9/2016 3:30 PM PDT

Jared Fogle: Sharing Child Porn Just Once Is Enough to Lock You Up for 15 Years

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Jared Fogle's ass will remain locked up in prison for his full sentence ... now that his appeal to get it shortened was shot down.

Fogle had filed an appeal, claiming his 188 month sentence was too harsh because he says he didn't widely distribute child porn. Instead, he says he only showed one child porn video to one person he was dating ... while they were in a hotel room.

But the U.S. Court of Appeals didn't buy that argument, and said the single viewing warrants the punishment.

Additionally, Fogle claimed he was unfairly punished for his fantasies and thoughts ... as opposed to actual misdeeds. The judges disagreed again, and said the court got it right when they considered his "obsession with child pornography and having sex with minors."

See ya next decade, Fogle. But hopefully not.