Johnny Depp to Amber Heard Put Up or Shut Up!!!

6/10/2016 8:22 AM PDT

Johnny Depp to Amber Heard: Put Up or Shut Up!!!


10:30 AM PT -- Lawyers for Amber and Johnny are in court, and her lawyer, Samantha Spector, asked the judge to push back the June 17th hearing because she needs more time to prepare. Depp's lawyer, Laura Wasser, fired back the longer this drags on the more it damages her client's career.

Wasser also requested phone records from Amber showing any phone records referencing domestic violence since 2015. It's significant because Johnny's team believes the leaked text messages from Amber's phone are fake or doctored.

Amber wasn't in court ... she's out of town celebrating the engagement of her best friend and witness, Raquel Pennington.

Amber Heard and her lawyers are spending countless hours trashing Johnny Depp in the media, but they're so scared that Amber might ruin her case under oath they're dodging her deposition ... so claims Johnny Depp's lawyer.

Attorney Laura Wasser just filed some interesting documents, claiming Heard and best friend Raquel Pennington claim they don't have a single day available before next Friday's restraining order trial ... to answer questions under oath in a depo.

Wasser drops some info ... according to the docs, lawyers on both sides were talking about sitting down and trying to settle the case. It's possible the settlement would involve each staying clear of the other. It's also possible the settlement would involve money ... Amber's asking for $50k a month in spousal support.

Wasser says just 4 days ago they had planned to have the settlement conference June 10, but that fell apart so Wasser wanted to use the day to take Amber's depo. Wasser says Amber's lawyer suddenly claimed she was not available so the depo couldn't go forward.

Bottom line ... Wasser thinks Amber and Raquel are BSing about not being available ... and if they won't sit for a deposition they should not be allowed to testify at next week's trial.

And there's this shot ... Wasser says, "[Amber] has tried her claims in the media. It is now time to do so in a court of law."