Estella Warren You Punched Me In The Face ... After I Decorated Your Boat!

7/13/2016 6:50 AM PDT

Estella Warren: You Punched Me In The Face ... After I Decorated Your Boat!


Estella Warren's jaw was crushed and she was knocked out cold after she was attacked by a man she repeatedly rejected ... according to the actress.

The "Planet of the Apes" star got a temporary restraining order after she says a man whose boats she helped redecorate began harassing her ... first breaking into her apartment and threatening her life, shoving her and spitting at her before jumping off the balcony.

Estella says a week later she was jogging near her home and spotted the man waiting for her outside. She says she shouted at him to stay away and called a neighbor for help.

That's when the man started cussing her out, punched her from behind and knocked her out. Estella claims she was left with a concussion from the blow.

Estella also says she was harassed with numerous voicemails ... plus 63 texts sent within an hour. The man ultimately was charged with misdemeanor assault and making annoying phone calls.

He remains in custody.