Chris Brown Stay Away From Me And No, I Won't Eat Your ...

5/6/2016 12:30 AM PDT

Chris Brown Gets Restraining Order for Obsessed Fan Demanding Sexual Favors


Chris Brown wants to be 100% clear ... he has NO relationship with the woman who keeps getting busted at his home, and he's fed up with her yelling demands for sexual favors.

Chris has been in a standoff with Danielle Patti since she first got arrested for trespassing at his home in December. In new docs, Chris says she continues to harass him -- getting busted a second time and even filing a restraining order against him.

Chris describes quite the scene on at least one of Patti's unwanted visits. According to the docs, she shouts things like, "Chris are you going to eat my p****" and "I love you." He says it's clear she's delusional about having a relationship with Chris.

He was granted a temporary restraining order, forcing her to stay 100 yards away from Chris and one of his bodyguards.

Patti is currently locked up in county jail after a trespassing arrest last month at Chris' place.