Martin Shkreli NY State's Gunning for His Isaac Newton!

7/14/2016 1:14 PM PDT

Martin Shkreli: NY State's Gunning for His Isaac Newton!


Martin Shkreli -- the controversial pharma exec people love to hate -- might have to part ways with some rare and historic treasures ... like an Isaac Newton manuscript!

New York state's tax board is going after Shkreli's insane collection of artifacts to pay down the more than $2.8 million he owes in back taxes.

The collection, kept in Shkreli's office, is nuts -- it includes a signed Charles Darwin letter, and an antique Enigma machine -- notably used by Nazi Germany to encode military communications. Also on the table: 

-- Stacked, 2003 photograph of Jeff Koons

-- Original lithographs by Joan Miro

-- Signed letters from Augusta Ada Countess of Lovelace

-- Original Glass & Collage Chessboard sculpture by Dustin Yellin

-- 6 pills by Damien Hirst

The judge hasn't signed off on the order for Shkreli or his company to turn over the items. The infamous one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang album he purchased is not on the hit list.

Not yet, anyway.